Considerations to Focus on When Choosing Split System Air Conditioning

You need to make multiple decisions when choosing a split system air conditioner, taking your local climate and house size into account. Here are some of the most important things to focus on.

Heating and Cooling

While air conditioners cool a home, they can also heat it due to the way they operate. In cooling mode, an air conditioner absorbs the heat in a room and diverts it outside via the refrigerant coils. To work as a heater, they operate in reverse, moving the heat from outside to inside your home.

This is a unique advantage, as you can install one system that you can use in summer and winter. However, you need to install a reverse-cycle model if you want this all-year comfort. As the seasons shift, you can seamlessly continue to use the same heating and cooling system.

The Capacity of the System

Another important factor to focus on is the capacity of the air conditioner. A house with large rooms and high ceilings will need a more powerful unit than a compact house with low ceilings. The performance of the air conditioner will be affected by other things as well, such as the room orientation and the windows. If a room faces north and has large windows that capture direct sunlight, the air conditioner will have to work harder to counteract the incoming heat.

A house's insulation also impacts how well both the heating and cooling modes work. If the walls aren't well insulated, heat can more easily pass through them in both directions. In winter, the heat can escape, and in summer, it can enter. The flooring and roof are other surfaces that may or may not be insulated.


Also, think about the efficiency of the model you choose. You can effortlessly understand this as each air conditioner will be marked with a zoned energy rating. This labelling system divides Australia into three climate zones: hot, medium and cool. Each unit will be evaluated according to how efficiently it will run in the different zones. The more stars it has, the better it will perform. A reverse-cycle system will be rated for both its heating and cooling modes within each climate. All you have to do is pinpoint where you live and check the efficiency of the air conditioner you're interested in. Think too about whether you will use it mainly for heating, for cooling or for both equally.

Reach out to an HVAC contractor in your area to learn more about heating and cooling systems.

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