Air Conditioning Installation: 4 DIY Mistakes

Without an air conditioning unit, indoor temperatures can turn into a nightmare during summer. While you can cool the house by opening your windows and doors, doing this exposes you to theft and pest infestation. Therefore, installing an AC is the best cooling solution.

Nevertheless, AC installation is an intricate process requiring special skills and tools. Because of that, hiring an HVAC contractor is advised. You are bound to make the following mistakes when you opt for DIY: 

1. You Might End Up Buying the Incorrect Size

Buying the wrong air conditioner size has its disadvantages. The appliance might be inefficient for your cooling needs and bloat your energy bills. An air conditioner that is bigger than needed will experience short cycles. On the other hand, a smaller AC would have to overwork to cool your home, leading to extremely high energy costs. Both situations can also significantly reduce your AC's life. To avoid purchasing the wrong size, consult with an air conditioning expert when shopping for the unit.

2. Lack of a Proper Drainage System

Your cooling appliance can produce gallons of water during operation. As such, you must look for an effective way to direct the water in the condensation tube away from your property. Failing to do so can lead to serious repercussions. For instance, it can cause your walls and floor to deteriorate from water damage and encourage mould and mildew growth. If you are not proficient in AC installation, you could easily install the drainage system erroneously. Therefore, it is advisable to allow a qualified AC contractor to install your system to avoid such serious mistakes.

3. Not Knowing Where the Thermostat Should Go

You might not know this, but the effectiveness of your cooling appliance highly depends on where you install the thermostat. The wrong positioning of the thermostat often causes your machine to work more than it should, and that can cause it to break down fast. For that reason, you need to hire an air conditioning company since they know best where the thermostat should go. 

4. Not Knowing Where to Install the Condenser

Apart from the thermostat, the positioning of the condenser is also critical. Again, this is information that only a qualified and experienced HVAC contractor knows best. Remember that installing the condenser in the correct location ensures that your cooling appliance works efficiently, thus minimising energy costs. 

These mistakes can be quite costly in the long run. Instead, consider hiring a residential air conditioning contractor to install the unit for you. 

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