Troubleshooting Your Split-System Air Conditioning System

Before you call a split-system repair service, it is a good idea to perform some basic troubleshooting steps to try to figure out what is wrong with your system. Here are a few common problems that arise with split systems, along with possible explanations of why they occur. Take a look at the way in which your split system is malfunctioning so you can provide your split-system repair technician with as much information as possible.

1. Air Conditioning System Won't Switch On

When your split system won't turn on, the first thing you should do is check that it has a working power supply. If the circuit breaker has tripped, flip the switch to restore power to the circuit that serves the air conditioning unit.

If restoring power to the circuit does not resolve the situation, the next step is to visually check the cables that supply the unit. Sometimes, mice or pets in the home can chew these cables, causing the power supply to fail.

If you cannot find any obvious reason why the air conditioning system can't be switched on, or if it keeps switching itself off for no reason, contact an air conditioning repair service for help.

2. Fan Not Working

The fan is an essential component of a split-system air conditioning unit. If the fan stops working, then the system cannot cool your home efficiently.

Split system fans sometimes stop working due to debris building up inside the unit. This debris could include hair, lint or dust. Open the unit to look for anything that might be preventing the fan from turning.

Another possibility is that the motor that drives the fan has failed, in which case you should contact an air conditioning repair service. Replacing the motor is a job best left to a professional technician as it involves working with the wiring inside the unit.

3. Bad Smell

Sometimes, a split-system air conditioning system cools the home as expected, but it also produces a bad smell. In this case, the likely cause is mildew or mould growing in the unit.

You can find the source of the smell by opening the unit and checking for mould. If you find any, clean it away. Check the unit regularly to make sure the mould does not return. If the bad smell keeps returning, then that is a sign that the unit is producing too much moisture, in which case you should schedule a service to look into this issue.

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