Is It Time for Gas Heater Repair? 3 Indicators All Is Not Well With Your Equipment

Other than your super comfy holey slippers or your favourite pair of Ugg boots, you rely upon your gas heater to keep warm during the dark winter evenings. A healthy heating system is also crucial for your family's safety and will provide good quality indoor air that encourages good health in your home. 

That said, it is crucial to make sure you sort the gas heater to avoid heating problems during the cold months and to rectify small repair issues before they turn to expensive heater repair work. This article will highlight three significant indicators that your equipment needs professional gas heater repair

1. High Power Bills 

If you receive a bill that seems high during winter, it could be a sign that your heating equipment is not running correctly. This decrease in efficiency means that your heater is working twice as hard to get your house to the desired temperature. 

While it's important to remember that utility companies gradually raise their rates over time, a drastic change in your power bill indicates that your equipment might be giving out soon. It's time to call in a professional to get your heater working properly. 

2. Odd Sounds 

When your heating system is in good shape, it should operate with minimal noise. Abnormal noises such as rattling, popping, banging, rumbling and squealing are cause for investigation. You might also want to listen to a frequent on and off blower cycle for another auditory clue.

Strange noises are an indicator of broken components, and you need professional help to identify and repair the cause of the problem. 

3. Burning Smells/ Strange Odours

While it's normal to experience a funny smell when you start off your heating system for the season, an ongoing distinct smell coming from your vents could mean overheating or that something is wrong with your equipment. 

If you notice an odd gas smell, it could indicate a leak somewhere in the system, so you should call for an immediate repair to avoid a fire or an explosion.

When it comes to heating your house and keeping your family warm during the cold months, you must service and repair your heating system to make sure it is operating appropriately. It also goes without saying that getting right on top of small repairs will extend your equipment's life span and save you money caused by significant repairs or a new gas heater installation. 

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