Sudden Weak Airflow: Why Your AC Unit Has Developed This Problem

If the airflow of your AC unit has become weak these days, then you must do something about it before it annoys you more. The airflow of a well-maintained air conditioner should be strong throughout the year. Has the airflow of your AC unit become suddenly weak? See what causes it:

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Your air conditioner passes air over cold evaporator coils to cool the indoor air. However, the air won't pass over the evaporator coils and duct system if the coils are frozen. This blockage causes weaker airflow. The evaporator coils will freeze if dirt is all over them or due to refrigerant leaks.

What to do: Check if ice has formed on the lines or if they are already frozen. Change the thermostat mode from 'AUTO' to 'ON' so that your refrigerant line can thaw. Place a large Tupperware or tray under the frozen coils to collect the melting ice. If your coils still freeze over and the airflow doesn't improve, call in a competent HVAC contractor to check for refrigerant leaks from the system and fix the problem.

Clogged Air Filters

An air conditioner can't put out more air than its return vents can 'breathe in.' Your air conditioner will not pull in more air from your home if its air filter is dirty or clogged. Likewise, you would struggle to breathe with a heavy blanket over your nose and mouth. A dirty, clogged filter is like a heavy blanket over the 'breathing system' of your AC unit.

What to do: Let a professional air conditioning technician inspect and change your AC filters regularly. The air filters should be changed once every three months during winter and once a month during summer, spring and fall. The technician will remove any piece of decorations, clothes, furniture and plants blocking the return vents. This way, your air conditioner will pull in the amount of air your indoor environment requires.

Air Ducts Are Blocked or Leaky

Once the cold evaporator coils cool the air, the air ducts circulate it throughout your home. Efficient cold airflow is restricted if your duct system has some blockages, leaks or holes. A home construction project on or near your ducts will cause damaged and leaky ducts or kinks in flex ducts. This will eventually cause sudden weak airflow if an experienced air conditioning technician is not contacted in good time.

What to do: Get your air duct system inspected for animals, dirt or any other element blocking airflow. The AC experts will check for leaks and restore the normal airflow.

Regular inspection and proper maintenance will keep your air conditioner in good shape throughout the year. Sudden weak airflow indicates that your air conditioner isn't in good shape. Your air conditioner will be efficient and reliable if the above issues are identified and fixed early.

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