In Search Of a New AC Unit? Go With A Split System!

Air conditioning systems are a must-have for any Australian household. And if your home does not have a central heating and cooling system, then you only have two other options to deliberate on for your home. The first is the window units that are installed, as the name implies, at one of your windows. The second option that you could choose to cool your home is the split air conditioning system. Split systems are ductless air conditioning systems that come in two parts, the interior unit and the exterior unit. Considering that picking out an air conditioning system is a major decision to make for your home, read on for a few of the reasons why you should go with a split system for your home.

Split systems are energy-efficient 

Energy efficiency is critical when selecting an air conditioning unit since these systems consume a substantial amount of electricity. And since you cannot do without heating and cooling in your home, you should learn about which systems would be an efficient choice for your house. The main reason why split system air conditioners are considered one of the most energy-efficient options in the market is that they do not function by directing air into ducts. As a result, there is no risk of leaks occurring with this system as there is with a ducted air conditioner. To maximise on the energy efficiency of your split system, only select a unit that comes with an energy star rating.

Split systems are highly customisable

With most other air conditioning systems, once the unit is in place, you cannot change its positioning. Split systems, on the other hand, are highly customisable since they do not come with any ductwork. The number of slit systems that you want will depend on the number of rooms that you want to install air conditioning in. Thus, if you have spaces that remains unused for a majority of the year, then you can elect not to install split systems in these areas. This easy zoning also works to ensure that you are not wasting any energy, sicken you will not be heating or cooling your entire house when you switch on your split system air conditioner.

Split systems are unobtrusive

Although having an air conditioning system is a residential staple, it does not mean that your system should be intrusive. If you select the wrong type of air conditioning system, you could be contending with loud noises all day and night, which will interrupt any peace and quiet that you may wish to have in your home. Split systems, granted, are not completely inaudible but they make less of a ruckus than other ACs.

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