By Having AC Ductwork Cleaning, You Can Avoid These 3 Problems

The ducts are an essential component of your air conditioning system — in fact, if the ducts fail it means your home can't be cooled effectively (or at all) until they're repaired or replaced. The good news is that you can prevent duct disaster by having the ducts professionally cleaned as needed. Read on to learn the three circumstances in which a prompt duct system cleaning is crucial. 

1. Mould Growth 

If you can see the mould on any component of your air conditioning system, whether it's indoors or outdoors, that's a strong indicator that there's significant mould accumulation inside the ducts. Even if you don't see mould anywhere on your air conditioning system, it might be growing within the ducts where you can't see it clearly. In this case, there might be a musty odour within the home whenever the air conditioner is running. 

Your HVAC contractor can remove the mould and perform a thorough cleaning of your ducted air conditioning system. To ensure that the mould does not return, your HVAC contractor will work to identify its original source so that it can be remedied where it started. 

2. Dust Buildup

If you can see dust buildup on the vents in your home, the odds are quite high that dust also lines the ductwork that you can't see. When the ductwork is full of dust and debris, it becomes much harder for your air conditioning system to deliver cool air. Whilst you'll still get some air, it's a fraction of what the system is capable of with clean ductwork. This means that your air conditioning system is working twice as hard to push cold air into the home — and that translates directly into higher energy costs for you.

Eventually, dust and debris can build up to such a level that your ductwork is completely clogged — and this means total duct failure followed by total air conditioner system failure. Fortunately, you can prevent this problem if you get the ductwork cleaned straight away when you notice dust buildup. 

3. Insect Infestation

If you've noticed a number of insects in your home recently, but you can't quite work out where they came from, consider whether the ductwork could be the source. Watch the vents carefully — you're likely to notice insects coming emerging occasionally. This is an indicator that the ductwork is home to insect nests — and that they need to be cleared out straight away. 

Your HVAC contractor can find the nests and do an efficient insect removal. They'll also identify the entry point so that it can be closed off to prevent further infestations. 

The three signs above are clear warnings that a ductwork disaster could be imminent. Contact your HVAC specialist for a ductwork cleaning straight away when you notice these issues. It can help you keep the home comfortable and cool without interruption all summer!

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