Make the Most of Air Conditioning Installation with These Maintenance Hacks

With the erratic temperature changes that Australia experiences, air conditioning is critical to your household's comfort. And if your old unit has started to sputter and malfunction, you may be considering air conditioning installation to get yourself a brand new, energy efficient system. But if proper care and maintenance are not accorded to your new unit, it will only be a matter of time before its performance also begins to decline. Considering how expensive it can be to replace an AC unit, you will be better off investing in routine professional maintenance to keep the unit up and running. Nonetheless, this is not the only measure that you can take. The following article will highlight a few more maintenance hacks that will allow you to make the most of air conditioning installation.

Periodic changing or replacing of the filters

You air conditioning system is only as good as the sum of its parts. Therefore, if you neglect the filters of your unit, it will just be a matter of time before the quality of air in your home rapidly declines. When the filters are not cleaned or replaced as specified by the manufacturer, they become vulnerable to clogging. The more the clogs, the harder the entire system works to circulate air in your home, which leads to overheating. Additionally, the clogs also cause dirt to be airborne in your residence, increasing the occurrence of respiratory irritations. To prolong the life of your unit, evaluate what type of schedule will suit your system and have the professionals manage this maintenance for you.

Seasonal cleaning of the ventilation ducts

Another crucial component of air conditioning systems that tend to be neglected by homeowners is the duct system. As air flows through these ducts as it is being distributed around your home, floating debris and other particles begin to coat the interior lining of the ducts. With time, the accumulated dirt starts to be passed through the ventilation system of your home and contaminates your home. Moreover, the dirt can become so excessive that it forms blockages within the ventilation system, which makes it harder for air to be circulated. Professional duct cleaning on a seasonal basis is recommended, especially after months of heavy-duty usage such as after the summer or the winter. Take note that some rodents and other critters can also take up residence in your ducts as they look for shelter away from the harsh temperatures outdoors. Duct cleaning also functions to ensure that you are not at risk of an infestation.

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