How to Identify the Best AC Maintenance Company

The satisfaction that you derive from the air conditioning system on your commercial premises may largely depend on the suitability of the individual or company that you hire to maintain that equipment. This article discusses some of the indicators that can show you that you hired the best technician/company.

Duration of Inspections

A commercial air conditioning system has several components that should be checked thoroughly during an inspection of that equipment. Such an inspection cannot be completed within a few minutes. How much is enough time to conduct an inspection? The duration may vary depending on your equipment, but the process should take about an hour. Be wary of technicians who look over your equipment briefly and declare that everything is okay.

Queries About Your Concerns

You can be certain that you hired the best technician to service your commercial HVAC system if he or she asks you about any concerns that you may have after that individual has conducted a system inspection. Asking you about any issues you may have is a good way to learn more about an air conditioning system since some defects may be intermittent. A technician who doesn't ask misses the opportunity to investigate and fix such intermittent defects before they worsen.

Safety Inspections

A good HVAC technician also conducts an inspection to confirm that your equipment was installed in accordance with the applicable laws/code in your area. This inspection usually takes place when you have just hired that individual/company. Ask the technician to tell you whether the installation is still legal in case some new regulations have been instituted in your area.

Equipment Evaluation

The best service technicians also conduct periodic tests to confirm that the different components of the AC system are still performing in accordance with their design specifications. For instance, the inspection report should state whether the motors are still performing at the expected level. Any changes should be investigated and rectified so that the system's efficiency isn't affected.

Maintenance Issues Review

It is also helpful when the service contractor reviews his or her findings with you after servicing your AC equipment. Such a review helps to keep you updated about any needed replacements you need to plan for. Consider changing the technician in case he or she never discusses the maintenance issues with you. The information in the discussion above can also help you to select the best technician from the many who have responded to your request for bids to maintain the commercial AC system. Simply ask them to inspect the system and note down whether or not they address the issues above. Select the one whose professionalism addresses all the considerations above.

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