How Your Inattention to A/C Maintenance Could Be Costing You

As the brutal summer heat rolls around, you may give thanks for that wise person who invented air conditioning. You may rely on this installation at home to keep your family cool for most of the year and know how important it is to keep up with its maintenance. However, you also need to ensure that the "non-mechanical" components are in perfect shape as well and this definitely includes the ductwork, which is often forgotten. Why is it important for your ductwork to be properly sealed and in good condition if the overall system is going to function correctly?

Check Those Bills

It's easy to overlook the ducting system as it is often hidden behind ceilings and walls. Yet what you can't see, CAN hurt you in the pocket book, as leaky or loose ducts can reduce the overall energy efficiency of your home considerably. Not only will you notice this in elevated monthly energy bills, but it'll feel uncomfortable inside the home, as well. All of your ducts need to be sealed properly, so that the air flows unimpeded between the heat pump, furnace and air conditioner at all times.

Uniform Cooling

You may spend a lot of time in the home and always want the temperature to be perfectly acceptable. If the ducting system is not doing its job as it should, one or other of your rooms could be too warm. You can only achieve even distribution if all of the ducts are sealed and not leaking anywhere.

Breathing Freely

Do you have a family member who suffers with allergies or respiratory problems? If so, you will want the indoor air to be as contaminant-free as possible. Once again, if there are any leaks in your ducting system this can allow mould and other bacteria to penetrate and really affect the quality.

Environmental Thoughts

If all of these reasons aren't enough for you to take some action now, consider whether you are a friend to the environment or not. If your HVAC system is running inefficiently due to your inaction, it's using too much energy. This will elevate your carbon footprint, at the same time as it depletes your bank balance. Invest in some repairs and score on both fronts, while feeling a little less hot under the collar, as well.

Why You Need to Act Now

It's likely that you need to have your ducting system inspected and sealed if necessary. Bring in a qualified technician to help you do this.

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