Home Air Con: 3 Components You Need to Consider

Keeping your residential air conditioning system is vital if you want to escape the heat of the Australian summer. Not only will a well maintained air con unit keep your home nice and cool, but it will also help to reduce your energy bills. An inefficient air conditioning unit may use much more energy that is needed in order to keep your home cool. Below is a guide to 3 components of a home air conditioning unit which you should make sure are in good condition.


The capacitor is the part of your HVAC system which ensures that the motor operates at a consistent speed. However, over time, the capacitor on your home air con system may suffer from wear and tear. When this occurs, the motor will begin to slow down before speeding back up again. The change in the motor speed can cause the temperature in your home to fluctuate. If you can hear that the motor on your HVAC system is speeding up and slowing down, you should have the capacitor replaced by an HVAC contractor.


The compressor is responsible for circulating the refrigerant through your home air con system. The refrigerant absorbs heat and cools the air passing through the system. If the system has too much or too little refrigerant fluid within it, the compressor can be placed under extreme strain. This strain can cause the compressor to fail, which is result in the air passing through the system not being properly cooled. If you notice that the air in your home feels warm even though the air con is switched on, this may be due to incorrect refrigerant levels or because the compressor has failed. You should contact an HVAC service who will repair your home air con system.


If you are having problems with the HVAC system in your home, it is possible that the wiring is at fault. If the wiring in your home in old, it may not be able to cope with the demands placed upon it by a modern home air conditioning unit. If your notice that the air con unit in your home isn't operating as it should, you should check the wiring. Faulty wiring could cause an increased level of wear and tear on the moving parts of the HVAC system.

If you would like further advice about maintaining your home air con unit, you should contact an HVAC contractor today.

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