How You Can Save A Lot Of Money by Changing the Fans in Your Commercial HVAC Installation

Business margins are increasingly tight, and facility owners and operators are constantly looking for ways to cut costs as a consequence. Energy consumption is definitely an area of focus, and in a typical Australian climate, HVAC will usually eat the lion's share. In a large commercial building, a number of different fans are required to move this air around the building effectively, which is one area where you may be able to save a lot of money. What should you be looking at here if you're considering a retrofit?

New Fans

One of the biggest ways to save money in a commercial air conditioning system is to switch out the old fans for electronically commutated versions. These EC fans are equally as productive as the original, because they convert electrical input into distributed air far more efficiently.

Better Efficiency

AC fans can be somewhat temperamental and only work really well when they reach a specific "sweet spot" on the performance curve. The new replacement, however, will work well no matter what the load requirement. It can therefore adjust the cooling level at any one time, and this can cut down wastage considerably.

Maintenance Savings

The technology used in an EC fan makes use of electric current to control the speed and direction of the motor. The fan it replaces requires old-fashioned carbon brushes, and these can deteriorate over time, needing regular maintenance. Due to the efficiency of the new fan, much lower temperatures will be encountered and excess waste heat will be reduced considerably.

Cost-Effective Installation

You may think that it's going to cost a lot of money to match up the new type of fan with the old system. However, the compact motors contained within these EC fans are completely interchangeable with the old product during a retrofit. They do not need complex wiring or other controls.

Noise Benefits

While cost is your main focus, you may also need to think about how the system interacts with your particular environment. If noise is a sensitive issue, it's good to know that these fans are a lot quieter than the old version. You may not have to bother with special acoustic enclosures for your new installation.

Energy Audit

Finally, these systems can be upgraded with minimum disruption to your everyday operation. It makes sense to have a word with your installer for a full energy audit to figure out if it's an option for you.

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