Measures You Can Take To Prolong the Lifespan of Your Heating System

The last thing any homeowner would want is their heating system breaking down when the colder months are encroaching. However, since not much thought is put into the heating part of your HVAC system when the temperatures are comfortable, a problem is likely to arise unbeknownst to you until the time that warm air becomes prudent in your home. Thus, it is essential for all homeowners to know how best to maintain their heating units in optimum condition to avoid missing problems. Read on to find out the various measures that you can take to prolong the lifespan of your heating system.

Routinely clean out the equipment

It is easy to overlook cleaning your heating system, as it is usually installed in hard to reach areas. Nevertheless, failure to clean the equipment on a regular basis leaves room for dirt to become embedded on the various surfaces, and this can significantly impede on the operation of the system. The first thing to do would be to ensure that all filters are replaced on a regular basis to prevent clogging that would cause the equipment to overheat. Secondly, you should schedule professional maintenance on a routine basis to ensure that the ductwork and other hard to reach areas are kept free of debris.

Maintain the compressor free of debris

Another important measure to take when it comes to the health of your heating equipment is ensuring that the compressor is not exposed to unnecessary dirt and debris. Since the compressor is typically located outdoors, it is susceptible to leaves and other organic matter collecting on its surface. This debris will impede the equipment's ventilation, causing it to be at risk of overheating. A secondary measure to take when it comes to the compressor is ensuring no obstructions are surrounding it.

Insulate and seal the ductwork

Your HVAC's ductwork is tasked with distributing both heated and cooled air around your home. As a result, the ductwork is typically in use all year long. This heavy usage can translate in occasional superficial damages, which would impede the efficiency of your heating system. It is prudent to regularly inspect the ducts and seal them as need be. Moreover, you could also have the ductwork insulated, as this will function to decrease the rate at which heat loss or gain occurs. Sealing and insulating your ductwork not only restores the functionality of the ducts, but it also makes your residence all the more energy efficient.

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