Four Tips for Buying Air Conditioning for Your Tiny Home

If you are moving into a tiny home, you may want to think about home air conditioning. However, as you don't have a full-sized home, you likely don't need a full-size HVAC system. There are lots of other options. Take a look at these tips and ideas:

1. Consider a Portable Unit

A portable unit can work perfectly in a tiny home. Make sure that it is rated to cool the cubic space you have in your tiny home. Also, look for a small sleek design that matches the interior of your tiny home. If you have your room in a loft, you may want to opt for a portable air conditioning unit that has top vents. That makes it easier to direct the cool air to your loft.

2. Look for an AC With a Built-in Dehumidifier

If you opt for a portable design, you may want to look for one with a built-in dehumidifier. Even if there's only one occupant, tiny homes generally have more people per square metre than traditional homes. That leads to more breathing in a small space, and that can put more moisture in the air.

Depending on the ventilation system you have in place and the climate in your area, you may end up with too much moisture in your tiny home. A dehumidifier can help you deal with that, and if it's integrated into your portable AC, you don't have to worry about extra space.

3. Investigate Mini Split Home Air Conditioners

In lieu of a portable AC, you may want to consider a mini split. These are ductless air conditioners that work perfectly for all kinds of homes. With a traditional large home, you may end up using multiple mini split units so that you can create cooling zones throughout your home. With most tiny homes, you only need one unit.

You may need an HVAC professional to install it, but you can stow these units conveniently in the wall so they complement the compact setup of most tiny homes.

4. Get a Wi-Fi Remote

Whether you opt for a portable or mini split design, you need to get a wifi remote. That allows you to turn off the system even when you are in your loft. Also, with many wifi enabled systems, you can connect your home air conditioning to an app. Then, you can control it remotely. That can help to save energy.

Contact an air conditioning home installation company for more information and assistance. 

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