Dos & Don'ts of Summer Maintenance for Your Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Late spring and early summer months are the prime time seasons for your air conditioner. This is the time when you kick it into high gear and start using it the vast majority of the day and into the nights. This means that your air conditioning system, regardless of the type, needs to be ready for action and you need to ensure that you are avoiding any issues before the summer heat hits in full force. That means you need to follow the dos and don'ts of summer maintenance for your Fujitsu air conditioner as soon as possible.

Do Use the Right Cleaning Tools

Using the right cleaning tools can be said for virtually any appliance in your home. The reason the right cleaning tools are important for your Fujitsu air conditioner is due to the parts used in the air conditioner. Most Fujitsu air conditioners do not use traditional parts. This means you can't just go out and buy a generic part and hope it will fit. Instead you need to stick to the Fujitsu system parts. This also means that the tools you would normally use on generic or other name brand air conditioners may not clean the system as deeply or as well. In fact, you may end up with damage to your air conditioner since the tools may not be the right fit. Instead, stick with the tools your Fujitsu sales representative suggests.

Do Have the Fan and Blower Balanced

The first thing to keep in mind is that your Fujitsu air conditioner needs to have the fan and blower in balance. Just like your car, if the system is out of balance, it can cause major repair issues and operating issues. If you are cleaning your system and you notice a heavy amount of debris or dust in the filters and caking on the coils, then it could mean that the motors have worked hard to work around the buildup.

Overworking the motors can cause an unbalancing of the fan and blower which can cause the unit to breakdown. If you don't know how to check or maintain the balance, contact your technician since the blades can be sharp and dangerous to someone who is untrained and their may be special parts with the Fujitsu air conditioner that you are not used to.

Don't Avoid Cleaning All the Filters and Coils

When some people clean and maintain their Fujitsu air conditioner they may only focus on the main filter. Depending on the model of Fujitsu air conditioner you have, you may end up having an additional filter to two filters in the system. You will also have the coil areas to maintain as well. If you aren't sure how many filters you have, or the location of all the coils, make sure to refer to your manual and clean all of these areas. This is vital to the operating of your air conditioner, especially since the Fujitsu systems have some different placement of filters that may leave you thinking one is all you have while the one you overlook clogs and causes system issues.

By keeping these three key points in mind for maintaining your Fujitsu air conditioner you will be able to prepare the system for late spring and summer heat. If you are unsure of what needs to be done, don't have the time to do all the maintenance, or want to make sure that it is done thoroughly, contact your local Fujitsu air conditioner technician.

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