Top Reasons Why You Need a Ducted Air Conditioning Unit

When it comes to air conditioning systems, there are a variety of options you will find in the markets for your home. This means before you choose the perfect air conditioner for your home, there are a few things you will need to consider first. For instance, you will have to make a decision between ducted and split systems. Both of these air conditioning systems have their pros and cons. However, by choosing a ducted air conditioner, here are some of the top benefits you stand to gain.

Ducted Units Are Energy Efficient and Money Saving

While you will generally spend more on ducted air conditioners in upfront costs, especially installation costs, the system can actually be energy efficient, saving you a significant amount in the long run. This is particularly true if you intend to cool a considerably larger space that may require more than one split system. Running a ducted unit in such a space can be fairly cheaper. This is because with a single (ducted) system running the space, the level of redundancy can be greatly reduced. Since split systems are meant to cool a single room at a time, getting them to simultaneously cool several rooms can put pressure on them, and this means more energy will be used.

Ducted air conditioning also allows for zoning where you have easy control of the rooms that you need cooling. That is, you can shut off any unused zones, which helps save energy.

Ducted Units Are Also Aesthetically Appealing

Aesthetics are also another reason you may want to consider a ducted air conditioner. Compared to split systems for instance, ducted systems are usually more discreet. This is because they are installed in the roof or ceilings of your home. This creates a streamlined appearance that doesn't interfere with the overall look of your interior living space.

Ducted Units Are Quieter in Operation

Air conditioners can be fairly noisy when operating. For some homeowners, this affects the comfort levels in their homes because the noise can be distracting. Most ducted sounds tend to operate more quietly. In fact, some models are actually nearly silent when in operation. One major aspect that contributes to this is the fact that ducted units are usually concealed in ceilings, so the noise is contained within such spaces.

With these benefits, it is worth considering ducted air conditioning systems next time you need an air conditioner in your home.

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